Black Creek Pioneer Wedding

Laura and Vince were married Nov 10, 2018 at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. It was one of the first cold days of fall but nothing stopped Laura from braving the cold and using all that Black Creek had to offer. The ceremony was in the Old Town Hall lit by gas lamps, toasty warm and super cute. They even served delish apple cider to warm everyone and create that extra special atmosphere.

Laura, Vince and their two children have such a special family connection, it was wonderful to witness and capture this beautiful day.

BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding2 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding3 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding4 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding5 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding6 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding7 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding8 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding9 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding10 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding11 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding12 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding13 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding14 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding15 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding16 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding17 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding18 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding19 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding20 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding21 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding22 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding23 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding24 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding25 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding26 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding27 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding28 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding29 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding30 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding31 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding32 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding33 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding34 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding35 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding36 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding37 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding38 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding39 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding40 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding41 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding42 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding43 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding44

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Black Creek Pioneer Village
Wedding Dress Store: Keiras Bridal Wreath
Groom’s Suit: Tuxedo Royal
Jewelry/Rings: Bellagio Jewellers II – cufflinks, Wedding Rings – Peoples Jewellers
Florist: Budget Bridal Bouquets
Hair & Make-up: Eryn Shannon
Invitations/Stationery: Staples
Wedding Cake: Sugar Chalet
Entertainment: Maximum music DJ services
Bride’s Shoes: Browns


The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg – Olivia & Adam

Isn’t it nice when you get perfect weather for your wedding day?

It’s been a summer full of scorching hot days and pouring rain, but the stars seemed to align for Olivia and Adam.

Starting at the very house that Olivia grew up in, surrounded by the couple’s friends and family, we had a blast with both the bride and groom before doing an emotional reveal on a quiet side street in downtown Toronto.

From there, the day took us to scenic Kleinburg, home of the doctor’s house – which features the most adorable rustic wedding chapel, and beautiful grounds to shoot on.

Places like Klienburg really let our same day edits shine, as they give us lots of opportunities to create unique, beautiful moments that let our couples be themselves, while also giving us great shots for you to show off to your guests later that night. Check out the Sneak Peek and Same Day Video edit below!

Doctorshousewedding Doctorshousewedding2 Doctorshousewedding3 Doctorshousewedding4 Doctorshousewedding5 Doctorshousewedding6 Doctorshousewedding7 Doctorshousewedding8 Doctorshousewedding9 Doctorshousewedding10 Doctorshousewedding11 Doctorshousewedding12 Doctorshousewedding13 Doctorshousewedding14 Doctorshousewedding15 Doctorshousewedding16 Doctorshousewedding17 Doctorshousewedding18 Doctorshousewedding19 Doctorshousewedding20 Doctorshousewedding21 Doctorshousewedding22 Doctorshousewedding23 Doctorshousewedding24 Doctorshousewedding25 Doctorshousewedding26 Doctorshousewedding27 Doctorshousewedding28 Doctorshousewedding29 Doctorshousewedding30 Doctorshousewedding31

Same Day Video Edit

SDE Olivia & Adam from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Wedding Planner: Designed Dream 
Wedding Dress Store: Becker’s Bridal 
Wedding Dress Designer: Allure
Wedding Dress Style: Ball gown
Groom’s Suit: Harry Rosen 
Jewelry/Rings: Diamondboi
Décor/Linens: Babylon Decor

Behind the Scenes With Little Blue Lemon

So finding the perfect photographer and cinematographers can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to LOVE the work you see, but you have to find people that you get along with. Let’s be honest, you will probably hang out with your photographers more than anyone else on your wedding day lol! Picking from a portfolio book or a quick phone call session might feel impossible… so we thought, let’s show all of our future bride and groom’s out there, what it’s like to work with us! We have shot over 1000 weddings and still find inspiration and fun in each one we do. After all, our job is to capture joy, fun, laughter and add to the good times 🙂

Check out the Behind the Scenes film – showcasing what its like to work with our team of talented artists.

Behind the Scenes with Little Blue Lemon from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Behind the Scenes With Little Blue Lemon

Check out what it’s like to work with Little Blue Lemon! We created this short vid showcasing our fabulously talented team of folks who all absolutely LOVE their jobs 🙂 Understanding what it’s like to work with your photographers is a super important question that every couple should ask. After all, amazing pictures and films are one thing, but if you don’t get along, it makes for a very VERY LOOOOONG day. So here’s a fun little snapshot of what it’s like to work with us. If you’re laid back, like to have fun, and enjoy a good laugh, I think we are a perfect fit.

Behind the Scenes with Little Blue Lemon from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Thank you to our amazing staff: Joe, Lisa, Sarah, Ryan, Ed, Rupen, and Scott for all that you do and allowing us to showcase this fabulously fun film.


Congrats Sophia and Blake

Congratulations Sophia and Blake on a spectacular wedding at the Eglinton Grand on Oct 7, 2017. Blake is We Got Games and from the moment we met these two, we knew that this was a photography match made in heaven! A spectacular day for two super beautiful people – congratulations!















































Photo & Video: Little Blue Lemon
Hotel: Park Hyatt Toronto
Venue: Eglinton Grand
Wedding Planner: Tamara Niyazov of Fab Fete Event Planning Boutique
Wedding Dress Store: Kleinfeld
Wedding Dress Designer: Maggie Settero
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade
Jewelry/Rings: Michael Hill
Décor/Linens/Florst: Margarita from Oudalova
Hair & Make-up: I Do! Beauty
Invitations/Stationery: polkadotpapershop
Wedding Cake: cakelaine
Entertainment: Wellington Music, Bongo&B, PURE entertainment


Melissa & Jason’s Highlight Film

We LOVE photography, but there’s something awesome about the power of cinematography. The way it captures people, what they say, how they say it, how they laugh and move! Having a beautiful highlight film to compliment your photography is the BEST way to remember your wedding day. Check out Melissa & Jason’s 🙂

Melissa&Jason Highlight Version 2 from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Rachel & Rudy are Married!

Rachel & Rudy were married Aug 6, 2016 at St. Patrick’s Parish in Markham. They actually met in grade school – how incredible is that!!! Rudy was big smiles and giggly laughs from the moment we arrived to shoot the guys in the morning. We even witnessed the groomsmen giving Rudy a haircut – awesome! We then headed to the hotel to capture the girls getting ready before the ceremony. After the ceremony we went to Edwards Gardens for family photos, wedding party and romantics. Rachel and Rudy were incredible the whole day – excitement, love and laughter – it is obvious these two belong together. We stayed through the reception at Paradise to capture the incredible party complete with dancers!!!

wedding photo of the wedding rings

wedding photo of the groomsmen cutting the groom's hair

Portraits of the groom on his wedding day

Portraits of the groom on his wedding day

Portraits of the groom on his wedding day

Portraits of the groom on his wedding day with his S.E.I.L.D pin

wedding photo of the groom and his groomsmen outdoors on the street

Wedding photo of the bride’s white high heeled lace shoes

wedding photo of bride getting ready and her purple and white bouquet

wedding photo of the bridesmaids helping the bride get into her wedding dress

Portraits of the bride on her wedding day in the hotel

Portraits of the bride on her wedding day

Portraits of the bride in the forest at Edwards Gardens and under her veil on her wedding day

wedding photo of the bride and her bridesmaids in blue laughing

wedding photo of the bride and her bridesmaids making silly faces

mom and dad walking the bride down the aisle at the wedding ceremony

Groom’s first look reaction as he see’s his bride on their wedding day

Wedding ceremony in a gorgeous church with rainbow coloured stain glass

Wedding ceremony with the bride and groom standing in front of a gorgeous stain glass background

Bride and groom give the thumbs up as they leave the ceremony as husband and wife

Bride and groom with their wedding party and a classic romantic photo at Edwards Gardens

wedding photo of the the wedding party making funny faces and posing

Happy family wedding photos

Romantic wedding photos at Edwards Gardens

Groom trying to kiss the bride's neck and making her laugh

Romantic wedding photos on the bridge at Edwards Gardens with blue sky and white fluffy clouds

Romantic wedding photos in the green space of Edwards Gardens

Romantic wedding photos with purple lavendar and a old bridge

Bride and groom joyous reactions as they enter their wedding reception

wedding photo of the bride and groom’s first dance with purple and pink uplighting

Wedding reception dancing and Caribbean dancers

The groom laughing and crawling between all the ladies legs to get to his bride's garter


Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography & Cinematography
Church:St. Patrick’s Parish
Venue: Paradise
Wedding dress: Superior Bridal
Designer: Maggie Sottero and Mindgley
Style of your wedding dress: Mermaid
Shoes: David’s Bridal
Groom’s suit: Andrew’s Formal (rental)
Jewelry/Rings: Swarovski (necklaces, earrings, etc.) Jewellery Forever (rings)
Décor/Linens: Decor with Grandeur
Florist: Decor with Grandeur
Hair & Make-up done: Bridal by Donna Marie
Invitations/Stationery: Visual Conversation
Wedding Cake: Paradise Banquet and Convention Centre
Entertainment: Good Vibrations DJ Services
Custom Cake Topper by Lenox


Congratulations Mallory & Ben!

Mallory and Ben had a multiple day wedding celebration. We had full crews out with Sarah and Joe capturing July 29th and Danielle, Tony, Lisa, Joe and Ed capturing July 31st. Sarah and Joe had the pleasure of capturing the Groom Blessing ceremony on Friday, where Ben was covered it coconut water. The celebration continued on July 31st with both the photo and cinema teams capturing a gorgeous ceremony at Le Jardin. We started the day with Ben and his groomsmen getting ready and then headed to the girls. The first look was done at PAMA in Brampton – an amazing venue for photos! Mallory and Ben are such beautiful people and we were so overjoyed that we were able to capture such a momentous moment in their lives. There were so many amazing photos captured – we had a really hard time narrowing it down to the sneak peek below.

detail of wedding day accessories; the rings in front of logs of wood with the bride and groom's names on them

groom covered in milk during Indian ceremony

candid messy photo of groom covered in milk during indian ceremony

photograph of groom covered in milk during Indian Ceremony and a portrait with the bride

wedding photo and portraits of the groom getting ready

wedding photo of the groom and family before the wedding ceremony

wedding photo of the groom and his groomsmen

wedding photo of the groom and his groomsmen jumping on him

wedding photo of the groom and his groomsmen walking on the street

wedding photo of groom getting blessings from his family before the ceremony

bride and her wedding dress and the flower girl and the cream and pink flowers

photo of flower girl on wedding day, wearing a flower crown

wedding photo of the bridesmaids helping the bride get into her wedding dress

wedding photo of the bridesmaids helping the bride get into her wedding dress

Portraits of the bride on her wedding day by a window

Portraits of the bride on her wedding day

Portraits of the bride on her wedding day

wedding photo of the bride and her bridesmaids

wedding photo of the bride and her bridesmaids making funny faces

wedding photo of bride with her mom and dad hugging

bride about to get ready for the big wedding day reveal

Groom’s first look reaction as he see's his bride on their wedding day

Romantic wedding photos of bride and groom

 wedding photo of the bridal party, in front of an old stone wall

romantic Wedding photo of bride and groom in stairwell

romantic Wedding photo of bride and groom

romantic Wedding photo of bride and groom

romantic Wedding photo of bride and groom

romantic Wedding photo of bride and groom

Dad walking his daughter down the aisle during the Wedding ceremony

Bride and groom reactions as they leave the ceremony as husband and wife

formal wedding portraits of the bride and groom and family

Wedding photo of the bride about to toss the most epic bouquet toss ever

wedding reception details and decor and flower wedding cake

Wedding Reception Grand Entrance

bride and groom photo during their romantic first dance

romantic first dance of bride and groom at reception

beautiful wedding silhouette of bride and groom kissing
Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Photo Location: PAMA
Venue: Le Jardin
Wedding Planner: Linda Vercillo/Diana DiManno – Tra Di Noi
Wedding dress: Creme Couture (Guelph)
Designer: Stella York
Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): 4 Men United (Woodbridge), Custom
Décor/Linens: S2 (Rosemary Parentela)
Florist: In Style Floral Design Studio (Cinzia Marrocco)
Hair: Rose Corbo
Makeup: Dawna Boot
Invitations/Stationery are from: Paper Damsels
Wedding Cake: Preeti D’Souza (friend)
Entertainment: Jessie Treneer & Jesse Pitcher


Amanda & Mike’s Same Day Slideshow

We were so excited when Amanda and Mike let us create a Same Day Slideshow for their wedding reception. We love creating photo slideshows of all the amazing moments that guests weren’t part of. It allows us to take guests on a journey of all the emotion experienced during the day leading up to the reception. And we love the reactions we get from the bridal party and the bride & groom – afterall they experienced the fun and the set ups but had no clue what we were shooting. Check out Amanda & Mike’s incredible wedding slideshow.

Amanda & Mike_SameDaySlideshow from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Photo & Video: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Riviera Parque


Michelle & Matthew are Married!

Michelle & Matthew were married July 2, 2016. It was a glorious day – finally the temperature was perfect with a beautiful blue sky. We had the pleasure of starting with the boys and had the most fabulous field of wild flowers to work with! We then headed to the girls – let’s just say we could have shot at Michelle’s house for days. After the ceremony we headed out to Kleinburg for wedding party and romantic photos followed by a stop for ice cream before heading to the Royalton for their beautiful reception. Congratulations Michelle & Matthew!

Michelle & Matthew









































Michelle and Matthew also decided to add a feature film to their coverage – check out the awesome-ness when photo is combined with cinema 🙂

Michelle & Matthew Feature 2.1 from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Royalton
Wedding dress: Mona Richie Bridal
Wedding dress designer: Allure Bridal
Style of wedding dress: Trumpet
Bridal Shoes:
Groom’s suit (rental or custom): Custom from Calabretta Tailors
Ushers suits: Calabretta Tailors
Jewelry/Rings: Henry Paul Jewelers
Décor/Linens: OMG Events
Florist: Cattolica Flowers
Hair & Make-up done: Makeup done by me. Hair done by Signatures Salon
Invitations/Stationery: Michaels
Wedding Cake: I Do! Wedding Cakes