Black Creek Pioneer Wedding

Laura and Vince were married Nov 10, 2018 at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. It was one of the first cold days of fall but nothing stopped Laura from braving the cold and using all that Black Creek had to offer. The ceremony was in the Old Town Hall lit by gas lamps, toasty warm and super cute. They even served delish apple cider to warm everyone and create that extra special atmosphere.

Laura, Vince and their two children have such a special family connection, it was wonderful to witness and capture this beautiful day.

BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding2 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding3 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding4 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding5 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding6 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding7 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding8 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding9 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding10 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding11 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding12 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding13 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding14 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding15 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding16 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding17 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding18 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding19 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding20 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding21 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding22 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding23 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding24 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding25 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding26 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding27 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding28 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding29 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding30 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding31 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding32 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding33 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding34 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding35 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding36 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding37 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding38 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding39 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding40 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding41 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding42 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding43 BlackCreekPioneerVillageWedding44

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Black Creek Pioneer Village
Wedding Dress Store: Keiras Bridal Wreath
Groom’s Suit: Tuxedo Royal
Jewelry/Rings: Bellagio Jewellers II – cufflinks, Wedding Rings – Peoples Jewellers
Florist: Budget Bridal Bouquets
Hair & Make-up: Eryn Shannon
Invitations/Stationery: Staples
Wedding Cake: Sugar Chalet
Entertainment: Maximum music DJ services
Bride’s Shoes: Browns


Italian Wedding “Settles In” to Black Creek Pioneer Village

Andrea and Paolo were married Oct 13, 2018 at St. Andrew’s church in Etobicoke. It was a lovely ceremony followed by a gorgeous photo session at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Let’s just say this day couldn’t have been more perfect. From the getting ready portion in the morning straight through until the end of the night. Black Creek did not disappoint with the fabulous fall colours and warm-ish weather. We had such a great time with Andrea and Paolo – they were literally non-stop smiles, laughter and full out singing. That type of energy and joy is what makes us truly LOVE what we do.

PLUS: If you are looking for a great photo location – consider, Black Creek. Great textures, nice mix of buildings and nature and overall just such a fabulous and calm location for photos.

Now – we see ALOT of receptions and venues… but our jaws dropped when we walked into the Terrace and saw the amazing decor!!! (check it out below)

TorontoWeddingPhotography TorontoWeddingPhotography2 TorontoWeddingPhotography3 TorontoWeddingPhotography4 TorontoWeddingPhotography5 TorontoWeddingPhotography6 TorontoWeddingPhotography7 TorontoWeddingPhotography8 TorontoWeddingPhotography9 TorontoWeddingPhotography10 TorontoWeddingPhotography11 TorontoWeddingPhotography12 TorontoWeddingPhotography13 TorontoWeddingPhotography14 TorontoWeddingPhotography15 TorontoWeddingPhotography16 TorontoWeddingPhotography17 TorontoWeddingPhotography18 TorontoWeddingPhotography19 TorontoWeddingPhotography20 TorontoWeddingPhotography21 TorontoWeddingPhotography22 TorontoWeddingPhotography23 TorontoWeddingPhotography24 TorontoWeddingPhotography25 TorontoWeddingPhotography26 TorontoWeddingPhotography27 TorontoWeddingPhotography28 TorontoWeddingPhotography29 TorontoWeddingPhotography30 TorontoWeddingPhotography31 TorontoWeddingPhotography32 TorontoWeddingPhotography33 TorontoWeddingPhotography34 TorontoWeddingPhotography35 TorontoWeddingPhotography36 TorontoWeddingPhotography37 TorontoWeddingPhotography38 TorontoWeddingPhotography39 TorontoWeddingPhotography40 TorontoWeddingPhotography41 TorontoWeddingPhotography42 TorontoWeddingPhotography43 TorontoWeddingPhotography44 TorontoWeddingPhotography45 TorontoWeddingPhotography46 TorontoWeddingPhotography47 TorontoWeddingPhotography48 TorontoWeddingPhotography49 TorontoWeddingPhotography50 TorontoWeddingPhotography51 TorontoWeddingPhotography52 TorontoWeddingPhotography53 TorontoWeddingPhotography54 TorontoWeddingPhotography55 TorontoWeddingPhotography56 TorontoWeddingPhotography57 TorontoWeddingPhotography58 TorontoWeddingPhotography59

Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Video: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Planner: Simply Sienna @simplysiennas
Wedding Dress Store: Superior Bridal @superiorbridal
Wedding Dress Designer: Madison James
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff @billlevkoff
Groom’s Suit: Made 2 Measure @made2measureclothing
Jewelry/Rings: corona jewellers
Décor/Linens: right choice linens
Florist: @fleurisma_by_angie
Hair & Make-up: hair: diana loconte……make-up: @makeup_artist_lily
Invitations/Stationery: @sentimentspaperboutique
Wedding Cake: no cake
Entertainment: Solar – @soularband
Bride’s Shoes: christian louboutin @louboutinworld


Marianna & Andre are Married!

We have had the pleasure of shooting so many friends and family members of Marianna and Andre that we feel like we are part of their family. It was an honor to be chosen to capture their and we loved every minute hanging out with these two fabulous people. We even created a same day slideshow of their wedding day to be shown during the reception – because Marianna and Andre’s wedding ceremony did not include vows, they had these beautiful little vow books that they wrote to eachother and shared during their gift openings. We included some of those vows before the slideshow began so that their family and friends could witness the love they share. OMG – and that first song in the slideshow was performed and recorded by Andre himself – beautiful!!!

MariannaAndre Same Day Slideshow Final from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Photo & Cinema: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Universal Event Space
Church: St. Panteleimon
Wedding Dress Store: Blue Bridal Boutique, in Unionville
Wedding Dress Designer: Pronovias
Wedding Dress Style: Large…. haha ball gown
Bridesmaids Dresses: different styles from Lulus online store
Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss Tuxedo, Dolce&Gabbana shirt, Louboutin shoes
Groomsmen Suits: Freeman’s Formalwear
Jewelry/Rings: Engagement Ring/Wedding Bands from Finch Centre Jewellers
Décor/Linens: Creations by Gitta
Florist: Hunt & Gather Floral
Hair & Make-up: Covet Co.
Invitations/Stationery: Shutterfly online store
Wedding Cake: Nadia & co
Entertainment: S4 Entertainment
Bride’s Shoes: Rachel Simpson


Granite Club – WOWZA!

Michelle and Kevin are AMAZING people. From the first time we met, we just knew, this wedding had to be shot by us! The day truly went perfectly. Everything on-time. Beautiful venues. Despite a few rain drops, ok it poured for part of the day, it didn’t matter! PLUS the Granite Club has the BEST food! For real, the BEST! Congratulations Guys! Wow – what a wedding!!!
GraniteClubWedding GraniteClubWedding2 GraniteClubWedding3 GraniteClubWedding4 GraniteClubWedding5 GraniteClubWedding6 GraniteClubWedding7 GraniteClubWedding9 GraniteClubWedding10 GraniteClubWedding11 GraniteClubWedding12 GraniteClubWedding13 GraniteClubWedding14 GraniteClubWedding15 GraniteClubWedding16 GraniteClubWedding17 GraniteClubWedding18 GraniteClubWedding19 GraniteClubWedding20 GraniteClubWedding21 GraniteClubWedding22 GraniteClubWedding23 GraniteClubWedding24 GraniteClubWedding25 GraniteClubWedding26 GraniteClubWedding27 GraniteClubWedding28 GraniteClubWedding29 GraniteClubWedding30 GraniteClubWedding31 GraniteClubWedding32 GraniteClubWedding33 GraniteClubWedding34 GraniteClubWedding35 GraniteClubWedding36 GraniteClubWedding37 GraniteClubWedding38 GraniteClubWedding39 GraniteClubWedding40 GraniteClubWedding41 GraniteClubWedding42 GraniteClubWedding43 GraniteClubWedding44 GraniteClubWedding45 GraniteClubWedding46 GraniteClubWedding47 GraniteClubWedding48 GraniteClubWedding49 GraniteClubWedding50 GraniteClubWedding51 GraniteClubWedding52 GraniteClubWedding53 GraniteClubWedding54

Venue: Granite Club
Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Planner: Koral Lane Events
Wedding Dress Store: Kleinfeld’s Canada
Wedding Dress Designer: Sottero and Midgley
Wedding Dress Style: Ballgown
Bridesmaids Dresses: Henkaa
Groom’s Suit: Freeman Formal
Groomsmen Suits: Freeman Formal
Jewelry/Rings: Michael Hill
Décor/Linens: Elite Décor by S&S
Florist: Elite Décor by S&S
Hair & Make-up: Jenna Medina
Invitations/Stationery: Gullons Printing
Wedding Cake: The Granite Club
Entertainment: Scottify
Bride’s Shoes: Ted Baker
Photobooth: Toronto Photo Booth Company
Violinist: Auspicious Melody


Behind the Scenes With Little Blue Lemon

So finding the perfect photographer and cinematographers can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to LOVE the work you see, but you have to find people that you get along with. Let’s be honest, you will probably hang out with your photographers more than anyone else on your wedding day lol! Picking from a portfolio book or a quick phone call session might feel impossible… so we thought, let’s show all of our future bride and groom’s out there, what it’s like to work with us! We have shot over 1000 weddings and still find inspiration and fun in each one we do. After all, our job is to capture joy, fun, laughter and add to the good times 🙂

Check out the Behind the Scenes film – showcasing what its like to work with our team of talented artists.

Behind the Scenes with Little Blue Lemon from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


A wedding is not complete without KARAOKE!

Without a doubt, the best part of photographing weddings in Toronto is the multiculturalism. This summer we had the pleasure of photographing Christina and Justin’s traditional Korean ceremony, held at the gorgeous party room in their condo – could this get any more “Toronto?”. It was an awesome affair with their closest friends and family, wonderful outfits, hilarious games, karaoke, and gorgeous weather. Take a peek!






































Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Dress Store: Kleinfeld’s
Wedding Dress Designer: Kenneth Pool
Wedding Dress Style: Fit to Flare
Groom’s Suit: Tombolini
Jewelry/Rings: Tiffany’s
Wedding Cake: Dessert Lady
Bride’s Shoes: Nine West

Behind the Scenes With Little Blue Lemon

Check out what it’s like to work with Little Blue Lemon! We created this short vid showcasing our fabulously talented team of folks who all absolutely LOVE their jobs 🙂 Understanding what it’s like to work with your photographers is a super important question that every couple should ask. After all, amazing pictures and films are one thing, but if you don’t get along, it makes for a very VERY LOOOOONG day. So here’s a fun little snapshot of what it’s like to work with us. If you’re laid back, like to have fun, and enjoy a good laugh, I think we are a perfect fit.

Behind the Scenes with Little Blue Lemon from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Thank you to our amazing staff: Joe, Lisa, Sarah, Ryan, Ed, Rupen, and Scott for all that you do and allowing us to showcase this fabulously fun film.


We Said “I Do” to New Flash Drives from USB Memory Direct

There is nothing more wonderful than a product that combines both of our favorite aspects of photography – albums and images. A device that allows you to hold hundreds of digital photos all at the palm of your hand. So what is this full package product you may ask? A USB drive, of course! 

We are so excited to talk about our brand new custom flash drives from USB Memory Direct. For starters, let us just say we are obsessed with how great they look. These walnut colored flash drives add an extra sprinkle of elegance to our wedding packages that we’ve been craving. Especially, with how flawless our laser engraved logo looks on the front. 

Flash drives are very important for our wedding packages. There is nothing we love more than sharing all the memories from your special day with you on one handy USB drive. No matter how big or small a wedding may be, handing out a beautiful wooden flash drive is much more meaningful to us then emailing you a Dropbox link. That’s why we give flash drives to every one of our newlywed couples as a memorable keepsake that they can always cherish. 

 Our USB drives are a product we are proud to have to represent our brand. Thank you USB Memory Direct for these awesome flash drives! Check out their website to learn more about their flash drives.


A Mouth Watering Wedding

Congratulations Alexie and Tom. These two were all cuteness from the moment we shot their engagement shoot, so we knew their wedding was going to be fab! Alexie wore a stunning Chi Chi London dress with a flower crown by HiWay flowers. Tom was sporting a fabulous green bowtie and vest that perfectly complimented Alexie’s outfit. These two had such an intimate wedding surrounded by family and friends with the most OUTRAGEOUSLY delicious food at their venue Charcoal Steakhouse. Congratulations Alexie and Tom!!!

CharcoalSteakhouseWedding CharcoalSteakhouseWedding2 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding3 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding4 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding5 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding6 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding7 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding8 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding9 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding10 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding11 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding12 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding13 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding14 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding15 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding16 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding17 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding18 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding19 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding20 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding21 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding22 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding23 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding24 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding25 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding26 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding27 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding28 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding29 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding30 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding31 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding32 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding33 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding34 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding35 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding36 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding37 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding38 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding39 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding40 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding41 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding42 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding43 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding44 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding45 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding46 CharcoalSteakhouseWedding47

Photo: littlebluelemon @littlebluelemon
Venue: Charcoal Steakhouse
Wedding Dress Store: ModCloth
Wedding Dress Designer: Chi Chi London
Wedding Dress Style: Gilded Grace Lace in Ivory
Groom’s Suit: Moore’s
Florist: HiWay Flowers
Hair & Make-up: Lauren Murphy at ElleStudio
Invitations/Stationery: KeepsakePapiers
Wedding Cake: Sam Curtis
Bride’s Shoes: Graham Street: The Zest is History in Glittery Gold


A Sporty “Doctor’s House” Wedding

Congratulations Laura and Tyler! These two had multiple days of celebration and each was it’s own epic affair. We had the pleasure of capturing these two amazing people from start to finish. A stunning mikaella gown and custom NIKE ID shoes, smore’s favors and delish food, these two thought of everything. It was joy, laughter and happily ever after for these two! Congrats!

portraits of Groom getting ready wedding day portraits of Groom getting ready wedding day portraits of Groom getting ready wedding day portraits of Groom getting ready wedding day, off camera flash portraits of Groom getting ready wedding day portraits of Groom with parents portrait of groom and groomsmen portrait of groom and groomsmen Mikaella wedding gown wedding accessories converse flower girl shoes nike ID custom bride shoes portrait of bride with mom portrait of bride getting ready portrait of bride portrait of bride portrait of bride dad seeing bride for first time bride and bridesmaids portrait of bride portrait of bride with bridesmaids portrait of bride with bridesmaids bridal reveal reaction portraits of bride and groom portraits of bride and groom portraits of bride and groom portraits of bride and groom at Doctors House portraits of bride and groom at Doctors House portraits of bride and groom at Doctors House portraits of bride and groom at Doctors House portraits of wedding party at Doctors House portraits of bride and groom at Doctors House portraits of bride and groom at Doctors House wedding ceremony at Doctors House wedding ceremony at Doctors House wedding ceremony at Doctors House wedding ceremony at Doctors House reception at Doctors House reception at Doctors House reception at Doctors House reception at Doctors House reception at Doctors House reception at Doctors House

Location: The Doctor’s House
Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding Planner: Mona Franciosa
Wedding Dress Store: Becker’s Bridal
Wedding Dress Designer: Friday- Pronovias Saturday- Mikaela
Wedding Dress Style: Friday-Sheath Saturday- Princess
Bridesmaids Dresses- Ashley and Justin – Lace mermaid
Groom’s Suit:  Garrison Bespoke Suit (navy with black fleck)
Groomsmen Suits: Standard Black (Various Designers)
Jewelry/Rings: Custom designed (by me, woot woot) and made by Laval Jewelers of London, Ontario
Décor/Linens: The Dr. House
Florist: Irene
Hair & Make-up:  Marcella and Natasha
Invitations/Stationery:  basic invite
Entertainment:  Platnum
Bride’s Shoes: Vince Camuto.
Groom’s Shoes: Hugo Boss
Dancin’ Shoes: Nike ID Custom