Congratulations Wendy & Jess!

We were thrilled when Wendy and Jess asked us to shoot their fabulous wedding on Jan 15, 2016. I always love going back to “the Hammer” to shoot couples especially when we get to stop and places like the Staircase Cafe (where I spent alot of my Imponderable days) and La Salle Park. This was one wedding that was not to be missed!

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Photo: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Hamilton Staircase, Geraldo’s La Salle Park


How do I buy wedding photography?

Being in the midst of engagement and wedding show season, we hear this a lot: “How do I buy wedding photography?” “I am so overwhelmed,” “There are so many photographers to choose from, where do I start?”

These are all fair question with long and difficult answers.

It’s not uncommon for folks to start by trying to use price comparisons as a means of choosing their photographers. What most couples forget is that wedding photography is not as simple as choosing which produce to buy at the grocery store. For example, you can’t compare going to Tim Hortons with going to a fancy restaurant with a world renowned chef. It’s the same with photography – you can’t compare creativity, experience, and artistic vision by just looking at a price, as there is a wide range of talent and experience out there.

Wedding photography, like food, paintings, or furniture, is an art form. When you are buying art, the first thing is to find a style that best fits who you are as individuals and a couple. Find the photography that speaks to you, that makes you feel something, that makes you “oooh and ahhh”.

Remember, sometimes a simple photograph takes a TON of work… wedding photography is creatively rewarding but a very difficult job. As wedding photographers, we have no control over any of the variables that day (weather, late arrivals, venue) – but we are still going to create beautiful photos no matter what happens. The skill to do that, to use available light or creating light if none exists, is something that comes with experience and talent. As wedding photographers, the joy for us is the creative freedom you entrust to us – the trust to capture your memories and create breathtaking photos!

So take your time, do your research and set a realistic budget. Saving a few dollars won’t mean much if you end up hating most, if not all your photos… The money you invest is to ensure you get a style you LOVE and a photographer who has the experience to get it right the first time. These are the photos that are going to be in your family for generations; what your children and grandchildren will look at for years to come. It’s a documentation of the first day of the rest of your lives together as an official family.

So don’t sell the process short – be in love with the style you are going to buy and love the personality of the photographer who is going to deliver and create that for you.


Danielle & Tony

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