Highlight Films

Highlight films have become SUPER popular these days – and why not! Nothing compares to these beautifully intimate stories. Check out this film of Margot & Alex’s wedding – awesome!


Margot & Alex Highlight Film from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Cinematography: Little Blue Lemon
Venue: Sunnybrook Estates Pavillion


Jackie & Frank are Hitched!

Congratulations Jackie and Frank on a beautiful wedding Oct 24, 2015. We reconnected again at a wedding we shot last year, Chris and Christine and at that moment, we knew we had to shoot their wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony at the United Church of Stoney Creek, followed by photos at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, and reception at Winona Vine Estates. Seeing so many old friends and faces was such a treat… even better that we got to do so at such a fabulous wedding!  Congratulations Jackie & Frank!!

Jackie & Frank Wedding jackieFrank2 jackieFrank3 jackieFrank4 jackieFrank5 jackieFrank6 jackieFrank7 jackieFrank8 jackieFrank9 jackieFrank10 jackieFrank11 jackieFrank12 jackieFrank13 jackieFrank14 jackieFrank15 jackieFrank16 jackieFrank17 jackieFrank18 jackieFrank19 jackieFrank20 jackieFrank21 jackieFrank22 jackieFrank23 jackieFrank24 jackieFrank25 jackieFrank26 jackieFrank27 jackieFrank28 jackieFrank29 jackieFrank30 jackieFrank31 jackieFrank32 jackieFrank33 jackieFrank34 jackieFrank35 jackieFrank36 jackieFrank37 jackieFrank38 jackieFrank40 jackieFrank41 jackieFrank42 jackieFrank43


Beautiful Folks, Stunning Wedding!

Congratulations Antonella & Vince who were married Oct 10, 2015. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we knew from the moment we started shooting Vince, that it was going to be an awesome day of photography! We started with the guys getting ready and took full advantage of shooting with a classic 60’s Camaro that Vince rebuilt with his uncle/best man (Let’s just say Tony was in heaven!!!) We then headed to meet up with Antonella and the girls – and WOW is Antonella ever photogenic!!! It was a lovely ceremony at St. Margerite d’Youville after which we headed to McMichael Gallery for wedding party and romantics. We love shooting at McMichael as it has so many different textures to work with. We continued through t0 the end of the reception which was a non-stop party at Embassy Grand. It was the perfect wedding for these two awesome folks! Congratulation Antonella and Vince!

Antonella & Vince Wedding AntonellaVince2 AntonellaVince3 AntonellaVince4 AntonellaVince5 AntonellaVince6 AntonellaVince7 AntonellaVince8 AntonellaVince9 AntonellaVince10 AntonellaVince11 AntonellaVince12 AntonellaVince13 AntonellaVince14 AntonellaVince15 AntonellaVince16 AntonellaVince17 AntonellaVince18 AntonellaVince19 AntonellaVince20 AntonellaVince21 AntonellaVince22 AntonellaVince23 AntonellaVince24 AntonellaVince25 AntonellaVince26 AntonellaVince27 AntonellaVince28 AntonellaVince29 AntonellaVince30 AntonellaVince31 AntonellaVince32 AntonellaVince33 AntonellaVince34 AntonellaVince35 AntonellaVince36 AntonellaVince37 AntonellaVince38 AntonellaVince39 AntonellaVince40 AntonellaVince41 AntonellaVince42 AntonellaVince43 AntonellaVince44 AntonellaVince45 AntonellaVince46 AntonellaVince47 AntonellaVince48 AntonellaVince49 AntonellaVince50 AntonellaVince51 AntonellaVince52 AntonellaVince53 AntonellaVince54 AntonellaVince55 AntonellaVince56

Photography: Little Blue Lemon
Church: St. Margerite d’Youville
Venue: Embassy Grand