Laura & Preston: We’re Not Lion :-)…Awesome Wedding

Boy did we have a blast with this wedding. Laura & Preston got picture perfect weather bathing these two all day. In typical Chinese wedding fashion, we really couldn’t stop laughing at the torturous “groom games” and seeing Laura try to say “I love you” with a mouth full of marshmallows…well that’s worth the price of admission alone! Do check out the album here…and their Highlight Video below shot by the super talented Mario. Such a beautiful compliment to each other! Did someone say Lion Dance! Totally love watching those!


Laura & Preston Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Highlight Film

Laura & Preston Wedding from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Kristin & James Super Awesome Wedding

Kristin and James were married at Steam Whistle Brewery on Sept 19, 2014. From the moment we did their “Awkward Family Photo” engagement shoot, we just knew that these were our type of people. Fun to be around, willing to do anything and everything, and always laughing, their wedding was nothing short of incredible. Check out the sneak peek below and scroll to the bottom to watch the behind the scenes of their AWKWARD Family engagement shoot – a FAUX history of really BAD photos! (done on purpose – promise!)

KristinJames KristinJames2 KristinJames3 KristinJames4 KristinJames5 KristinJames6 KristinJames7 KristinJames8 KristinJames9 KristinJames10 KristinJames11 KristinJames12 KristinJames13 KristinJames14 KristinJames15 KristinJames16 KristinJames17 KristinJames18 KristinJames19 KristinJames20 KristinJames21 KristinJames22 KristinJames23 KristinJames24 KristinJames25 KristinJames26 KristinJames27 KristinJames28 KristinJames29 KristinJames30 KristinJames31 KristinJames32

Kristin & James from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.

Steam Whistle

Little Blue Lemon

Daniel Et Daniel

Where did you get your wedding dress?:
Jolie Bridal

Style of your wedding dress?:
Fit and Flare

Where is the Groom’s suit from (rental or custom):
Not Rental. Designer: Paul Smith

Where are the ushers suits from:
Rental: Moores Designer: Vera Wang

Where did you get your Décor/Linens:
Provided by caterer

Who is your Florist:
Astra Florists

Where did you get your Hair & Make-up done:
Hair: Blushing Beauty

Invitations/Stationery are from?:
Dame and Cavalier

Wedding Cake is by:

Entertainment is?:
DJ: Indie Wedding DJ

Brides Shoes:
Ted Baker London

Grooms Shoes:
Paul Smith


Jenny & Colman are Married!

Jenny and Colman are married! It was a gorgeous Sept 14th day and these two were nothing but smiles from the moment we arrived. The wedding was packed full of games, photos, tea ceremony, dress changes, partying and good food! Congratulations Jenny and Colman!

JennyColman JennyColman2 JennyColman3 JennyColman4 JennyColman5 JennyColman6 JennyColman7 JennyColman8 JennyColman9 JennyColman10 JennyColman11 JennyColman12 JennyColman13 JennyColman14 JennyColman15 JennyColman16 JennyColman17 JennyColman18 JennyColman19 JennyColman20 JennyColman21 JennyColman22 JennyColman23 JennyColman24 JennyColman25 JennyColman26 JennyColman27 JennyColman28 JennyColman29 JennyColman30 JennyColman31


Incredibly Adorable!

We love shooting family, babies and maternity – it’s the natural progression from weddings. When shooting kids, there’s nothing more rewarding than a baby’s smiling face… ADORABLE



Sarah & Ryan – Ice Cream and Awesomeness

Sarah and Ryan have been together for about 11 years…so clearly, at this stage, they are telepathic. lol. We had an awesome time watching the chemistry these two have built…they photographed like two puzzle pieces made for each other. It was a truly awesome day. Did we mention an ice cream showing up in the church parking lot. Yeah…awesome. Check out the album we designed.

Sarah & Ryan ALBUM from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Jennifer & Patrick – Everything is Perfect…Including The Weather

Boy did these two luck out. We sat in the studio with Jennifer and Patrick all came the realization they had perfect wedding day weather. Not too hot..not too cold…not to sunny..not to cloudy. Seriously. It was textbook! Anyways…the day was awesome and filled with lots of laughs, scotch, multiple dresses and multiple First Looks! Check out the album…it’s pretty darn gorgeous!

Jennifer & Patrick ALBUM from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Nikki & Vince – What Happens If It Rains…Like Crazy?

Nikki and Vince are roughly the fifth couple in this group of family and friends we’ve been privileged to create for over the years. They are all amazing people, but something about Nikki and Vince is special. It’s special in a sense that these two, and their love for one another is almost understated and understood, all at the same time. They really do seem like they were made for each other. If you’d like to see what we mean, check out the first image in the slide show…it has both of them, walking in a torrential downpour, holding umbrellas and laughing. Talk about a metaphor for these two. It’s beautiful and they are in their element…loving each other. Their focus is on one another and not the troubles of the outside world. What a capture! Check out the album here:

Nikki & Vince Wedding (Enhanced) from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Holiday Mini Sessions!

So it’s not even Halloween yet, but we all know it’s THAT time of year to start thinking HOLIDAYS! So, in the spirit of the holiday season, book your holiday MINI session now: Held Nov 23rd (Nov 16th is now fully booked), 30 minute session, $250+tx. Family, kids, themed, X-Mas, Chanukah, you name it, we shoot it! Contact us to book your slot at or 416-250-6042 (spaces limited)… Skip the mall photos this year and do it right!



Shayna & Jeff — these kids!

If we had to nominate a wedding with the “Biggest Bunch of Characters” this would be it. Hilarious speeches and a hysterical afternoon with this bride and groom…it was sooooo fun. If we can pass on any advice to future brides and grooms: take it from Shayna and Jeff, don’t take yourselves too seriously and go on a super long honeymoon. 😉

Check out this album, and catch a glimpse of these kids doing their thing!

Shayna & Jeff from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.