Congratulations Laura & Preston!

Laura & Preston were married Aug 23, 2014 at the Windsor Arms Hotel. We had the pleasure of shooting both photo and cinema for this wedding and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular! Preston is a photographer himself, and we LOVE when we can impress those around us who know a thing or two about cameras 😉 Laura and Preston’s wedding was JAM PACKED fun, full of entertainment, games, tea ceremonies, reveals, outfit changes, lion dances and more! Everywhere we turned there was something new and exciting to shoot and not once did the bride or groom tire. Congratulations Laura and Preston – two people who truly know how to plan an amazing wedding (and take an awesome honeymoon)!

LauraPreston Sneak Peek LauraPreston2 LauraPreston3 LauraPreston4 LauraPreston5 LauraPreston6 LauraPreston7 LauraPreston8 LauraPreston9 LauraPreston10 LauraPreston11 LauraPreston12 LauraPreston13 LauraPreston14 LauraPreston15 LauraPreston16 LauraPreston17 LauraPreston18 LauraPreston19 LauraPreston20 LauraPreston21 LauraPreston22 LauraPreston23 LauraPreston24 LauraPreston25 LauraPreston26 LauraPreston27 LauraPreston28 LauraPreston29 LauraPreston30 LauraPreston31 LauraPreston32 LauraPreston33 LauraPreston34 LauraPreston35 LauraPreston36 LauraPreston37 LauraPreston38Venue: Windsor Arms
Photograher: Little Blue Lemon
Cinematographer: Little Blue Lemon
Wedding dress:  Powder Bride Toronto
Dress designer: Jenny Packham
Style of your wedding dress: VIntage Inspired
Groom’s suit: Trend Custom Tailors
Décor/Linens: Brothers Convenience
Florist: Brothers Convenience
Hair & Make-up: Hair- Hannah Chang, makeup: Jin Sin
Invitations/Stationery: Ferris Wheel Press
Entertainment is: DJ Danny Ninyo
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik / Ferragamo


Congratulations Nicole & Vince!

WOW! seriously WOW! Nicole and Vince were married Aug 16, 2014 at the stunning Royal Ambassador. From the moment we arrived to shoot Vince, everyone was all laughs and good times. It was a hilarious start and the mood, vibe and energy was there the whole day. The ceremony was held at the outdoor gazebo overlooking the water. The moment the ceremony ended it began to rain, REALLY RAIN! But… honestly, it didn’t matter one bit! We WORKED the grounds and we mean worked! Angles, lighting techniques and umbrella’s combined with people who are ready to have fun no matter what, made for the BEST day! Once the rain subsided (which took some time) we headed to Downsview to capture a few more cool shots before heading to Monte Casino for the reception. This wedding was an absolute blast! Filled with tons of couples we have shot in the past – it felt like we were family… truly. A spectacular wedding – congratulations Nicole and Vince!

NicoleVinceSneakPeek NicoleVinceSneakPeek2 NicoleVinceSneakPeek3 NicoleVinceSneakPeek5 NicoleVinceSneakPeek6 NicoleVinceSneakPeek7 NicoleVinceSneakPeek8 NicoleVinceSneakPeek9 NicoleVinceSneakPeek10 NicoleVinceSneakPeek11 NicoleVinceSneakPeek12 NicoleVinceSneakPeek13 NicoleVinceSneakPeek14 NicoleVinceSneakPeek15 NicoleVinceSneakPeek16 NicoleVinceSneakPeek17 NicoleVinceSneakPeek18 NicoleVinceSneakPeek19 NicoleVinceSneakPeek20 NicoleVinceSneakPeek21 NicoleVinceSneakPeek22 NicoleVinceSneakPeek23 NicoleVinceSneakPeek24 NicoleVinceSneakPeek25 NicoleVinceSneakPeek26 NicoleVinceSneakPeek27 NicoleVinceSneakPeek28 NicoleVinceSneakPeek29 NicoleVinceSneakPeek30 NicoleVinceSneakPeek31

Wedding dress: Best for Bride
Wedding dress designer: Richman Group- Madison Collection

Shoes: The Bay- Material Girl
Bridesmaids dresses: David’s Bridal-Vera Wang
Style of your wedding dress: Strapless Sheath
Groom’s suit: Moores Rental, Vera Wang
Ushers suits: Moores Rental- Vera Wang
Jewelry/Rings: Corona
Décor: Babylon Decor Design Studio
Florist: Babylon Décor Design Studio
Where did you get your Hair done: Stephanie @ Stephanie’s Salon
Make-up: Lisa
Invitations/Stationery: Brides Collection
Wedding Cake is by: Babylon Cakes
Entertainment is: Liz Craig-Pianist / Good Vibrations-DJ & MC


Gwen & Russell – Tying The Knot at Granite Brewery

Gwen and Russell met while walking their dogs. They live near each other and, well, now they are married – funny how these things work. Their wedding day was blast with perfect weather, a bridal party who enjoys a good drink (or five) 😉 It was a fantastic wedding. Check out the slideshow below and visit their proofing gallery to see all their images.

Gwen & Russell Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Yalda & Oscar – Wedding Album

Sometimes, you shoot a wedding and you are absolutely crushed that its over. This is one such wedding. Yalda and Oscar are the sweetest most gorgeous people; their wedding party was full of sweethearts; their families were so nice…we are so sad that its over, (seriously) but much like our bride and groom, we’ll be reliving that awesome day at Rosewater Supper Club and King Edward Hotel through the magic of this slideshow. Congrats guys!!! Much love!

Yalda & Oscar – Wedding album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Jennifer & Patrick’s Awesome Wedding!

Jennifer and Patrick had an incredible wedding on Aug 15, 2014. It was almost a double wedding as we did two reveals – LOL! One reveal in the morning before the Chinese Tea Ceremony and then the second at Evergreen Brickworks in the traditional western white gown. The ceremony and reception were held at the Eglinton Grand and it did not disappoint! We are totally in LOVE with the first image of their sneak peek – the shot is their reflection in the water at Brickworks… reminiscent of  an impressionist painting.
We had the BEST time with Jen & Patrick – ton’s of laughs! Even we had trouble narrowing down the photos for the sneak peek! Stay tuned for more in the predesign!Jennifer & Patrick's Wedding JenPatrickBlog2 JenPatrickBlog3 JenPatrickBlog4 JenPatrickBlog5 JenPatrickBlog6 JenPatrickBlog7 JenPatrickBlog8 JenPatrickBlog9 JenPatrickBlog10 JenPatrickBlog11 JenPatrickBlog12 JenPatrickBlog13 JenPatrickBlog14 JenPatrickBlog15 JenPatrickBlog16 JenPatrickBlog17 JenPatrickBlog18 JenPatrickBlog19 JenPatrickBlog20 JenPatrickBlog21 JenPatrickBlog22 JenPatrickBlog23 JenPatrickBlog24 JenPatrickBlog25 JenPatrickBlog26 JenPatrickBlog27


Susan & Paolo Are Married

Congratulations to Susan and Paolo! Check out their amazing wedding at Credit Valley Golf Course! It was a fabulous day and we are so happy that they chose us to capture it for them 🙂


Susan & Paolo Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Sarah & Ryan are Married!

Congratulations Sarah & Ryan! We had an incredible day with these two 🙂 It was nothing but silliness, smiles and jokes all day, we couldn’t have been happier. We started off with the guys and girls getting ready at the hotel. Then headed out to St. Peter and Paul Parish in Mississauga for the ceremony. When the “I Do’s” had been said, everyone was treated to a delicious cold treat from the Ice Cream truck waiting for us outside. The reception took place at the Rosewater Supper Club, so we decided to take photos at St. James park nearby. It was truly an awesome day. The pictures say it all!
SarahRyan Wedding SarahRyan2 SarahRyan3 SarahRyan4 SarahRyan5 SarahRyan6 SarahRyan7 SarahRyan8 SarahRyan9 SarahRyan10 SarahRyan11 SarahRyan12 SarahRyan13 SarahRyan14 SarahRyan15 SarahRyan16 SarahRyan17 SarahRyan18 SarahRyan19 SarahRyan20 SarahRyan21 SarahRyan22 SarahRyan23 SarahRyan24 SarahRyan25 SarahRyan26 SarahRyan27 SarahRyan28 SarahRyan29 SarahRyan30 SarahRyan31 SarahRyan32 SarahRyan33 SarahRyan34Wedding Planner: Grace Consul (Planned with Grace)
Where did you get your wedding dress?: Diva BoutiqueWedding
Dress designer: Diva Boutique
Style of your wedding dress?: A-LineWhere
Groom’s suit from (rental or custom): Bought from Tip Top Tailors
Where are the ushers suits from: their own
Where did you get your Jewelry/Rings: White Flash
Where did you get your Décor/Linens: DIY
Hair – Ladylyn Gool
Makeup – Dawna Boot
Invitations/Stationery: Christine Perchal (Aktivart & Design)
Wedding Cake: Chartiy De Guzman (Chreats)
Entertainment: none
Shoes: Nine West
Anything other super special you can think of?: Ice Cream Truck – Ice Cream Kingdom