Congratulations Gwen & Russell

We had the pleasure of shooting Gwen and Russell’s wedding at the Granite Brewery on Aug 9, 2014. It was nothing short of the perfect day, with amazing people, beautiful weather, fabulous beer, and one heck of a celebration! Check out the sneak peek below.
GwenRussell Wedding Sneak Peek GwenRussel2 GwenRussel3 GwenRussel4 GwenRussel5 GwenRussel6 GwenRussel7 GwenRussel8 GwenRussel9 GwenRussel10 GwenRussel11 GwenRussel12 GwenRussel13 GwenRussel14 GwenRussel15 GwenRussel16 GwenRussel17 GwenRussel18 GwenRussel19 GwenRussel20 GwenRussel21 GwenRussel22 GwenRussel23 GwenRussel24

Venue: Granite Brewery
Photo Location: Evergreen Brickworks
Photography: Little Blue Lemon


Sarah & Ryan – You Rock!

Sarah and Ryan are awesome! So fun to work with, easy going, fun folks. So when we asked if they were up for doing some night shots, they were game… and SOOOO HAPPY they were willing to leave the party for a few minutes so that we could capture this night shot! Downtown toronto, with only cabs on the road … absolutely incredible. This image would be nothing without you two!
Stay tuned for more shots in their sneak peek (posted soon).
SarahRyan Night Shot


The Beauty of Variety

Being professional photographers, we can’t stress enough the importance of variety in wedding photography. In our opinion, a wedding shot in only one style doesn’t translate into a true representation of the story of your day. Moods and tonality go hand in hand and having the ability to adjust the style of the photograph to represent the emotion at that time of day is key. Variety is also created in the post production process which today is a huge part of the artistry of photography. We always believe in shooting correctly in camera but adjusting colour, changing images to black and white, creating “dirty” or old fashioned imagery is all part of the post production process that helps to tell a story. Check out the example below from Sarah & Ryan’s wedding on Aug 8th, 2014. We shot both image at St. James park. The image on the left is vibrant and lively while the image on the right is grainy reminiscent of black and white film… two compositions almost identical but totally different in feel and mood.



Check out the Stunning Laurena!

We were so excited to shoot Laurena and James – especially considering their Downton Abbey Theme at Casa Loma! …totally awesome right! Check out one fabulous image of Laurena during the getting ready stage of the morning… absolutely stunning! Stay tuned – lots more to come.

Laurena & James Wedding




Yalda & Oscar’s Incredible Downtown Wedding!

Yalda & Oscar were married at the Rosewater Supper Club on Aug 3, 2014. We had the most incredible time with these two. So  in- love and completely happy; no stress and completely ready to have fun and pose it up for the camera – they were an absolute pleasure to shoot, not to mention hang out with! We started with the guys at Oscar and Yalda’s condo downtown. Then headed out to the King Edward hotel to capture the girls getting ready. The reveal and photos were all done near and around the Rosewater Supper Club where both the Persian Ceremony and Reception were held. It was an incredible wedding with the most fabulous people. Check out the sneak peek below.
Yalda & Oscar's wedding 2014 YaldaOscar20142 YaldaOscar20143 YaldaOscar20144 YaldaOscar20145 YaldaOscar20146 YaldaOscar20147 YaldaOscar20148 YaldaOscar20149 YaldaOscar201410 YaldaOscar201411 YaldaOscar201412 YaldaOscar201413 YaldaOscar201414 YaldaOscar201415 YaldaOscar201416 YaldaOscar201417 YaldaOscar201418 YaldaOscar201419 YaldaOscar201420 YaldaOscar201421 YaldaOscar201422 YaldaOscar201423 YaldaOscar201424 YaldaOscar201425 YaldaOscar201426 YaldaOscar201427 YaldaOscar201428 YaldaOscar201429 YaldaOscar201430 YaldaOscar201431


Lauren & Brandon’s Wedding Album

Lauren & Brandon scored an awesome day. Weather was amazing and the photo shoot at Adamson Estates was super fun. We had the whole team out, and so did they; the bridal party were a blast, just like Lauren & Brandon. Check out the album we put together for them to get a real feel of what the whole day was like (below) and be sure to visit their proofing gallery to see the rest of the awesome images!

Lauren & Brandon Wedding Album from LittleBlueLemon on Vimeo.


Susan + Paolo = Amazing! (a Sneak Peek)

Susan and Paolo were married at Credit Valley Golf Club; a long-standing family tradition. The day was beautiful…not to hot, not too sunny; a light rain that lasted only moments, and great food and tons of dancing. Here’s a little Sneak Peek of some of our favourite images from the day. A complete album is coming…stay tuned.

SusanPaoloBlog SusanPaoloBlog2 SusanPaoloBlog3 SusanPaoloBlog4 SusanPaoloBlog5 SusanPaoloBlog6 SusanPaoloBlog7 SusanPaoloBlog8 SusanPaoloBlog9 SusanPaoloBlog10 SusanPaoloBlog11 SusanPaoloBlog12 SusanPaoloBlog13 SusanPaoloBlog14 SusanPaoloBlog15 SusanPaoloBlog16 SusanPaoloBlog17 SusanPaoloBlog18 SusanPaoloBlog19 SusanPaoloBlog20 SusanPaoloBlog21 SusanPaoloBlog22 SusanPaoloBlog23 SusanPaoloBlog24 SusanPaoloBlog25 SusanPaoloBlog26 SusanPaoloBlog27 SusanPaoloBlog28 SusanPaoloBlog29 SusanPaoloBlog30 SusanPaoloBlog31



The Difference Between Complex and Complicated.

After shooting this image at Jenny & Colman’s night-time engagement shoot, it occurred to us a principle in art which is often over looked.


Good shots don’t need to be complicated, but they should be complex. (Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with simple and minimalist, but we do think you need to understand the rules before you break them). This shot is by no means hard to create; it was done with one simple flash, on the floor shining at the couple (not even a light stand!) You could place a single flash in a million different ways to light them, but it’s this way that gives the huge shadows on the simple wall behind them. and yes, the über cool mirror reflection in the puddle in front of them is an added layer of awesome. Simple, yet complex. The shot is basically boiled down to 5 elements: a couple; a wall; a ground, shadows,a mirror reflection of it all.

Looking forward to shooting their wedding in the fall!