Congratulations Jennifer & Anthony

First off, let us just say that Jennifer of “Little Miss Flowers” does the most BEAUTIFUL arrangements – and we see a lot of flowers! She even did all the flowers for her own wedding. Jennifer and Anthony were married May 25, 2013 at the Glen Abbey Golf Course. They met at a Starbucks so fitting that we did the reveal at a Starbucks near the golf course. We recreated their fateful meeting over the coffee cream and sugar – check it out! And yes… you are seeing that correctly… we got to shoot with a HELICOPTER! it was an incredible day.


Vicky & Aaron – Sneak Peek

Vicky and Aaron were married May 19, 2013 at the Richmond Hill Golf and Country Club. It was the perfect day, not too hot and not too cold, and yay for us as we were just in time for dandelion season! Although a pest when it comes to our own backyards, these yellow weeds make for some awesome foregrounds when it comes to photos!  Lucky for us, there were plenty of fields on our golf cart ride from the venue to the golf course – so we had plenty to work with. Note to self: next time shooting in a field with dandelions, bring a blanket as dandelions stain!!! eek!

Check out the sneak peek below.



Jessica & Christopher are Married!

We had the best time shooting Jessica and Christopher over a period of two Saturdays! Everyone arrived, ready to celebrate. We have a lot of fun with all of our couples but rarely do we get the chance to do it twice over a period of 2 weeks 😉 We were given the time to create some pretty AWESOME stuff! Check out the sneak peeks below!



Vivian & Kaz – Eng Session at Brickworks

The Evergreen Brickworks is a really great place to shoot. There is just sooo much you can do with sooo much variety within such a short walking distance. Worthy to note as well, the place is never the same twice; the sunlight hits it in completely different ways, depending on what time of day you are there.

We did an engagement shoot with Vivian and Kaz, to get them warmed up for their big day, and, well, let’s just say they were on fire! Check it out.


* please note, shooting at the Brickworks requires a permit…but it’s totally worth it.


We couldn’t resist!

We had the most amazing two days with Jessica and Chris! Sometimes there are those moments where everything just comes together so beautifully! We couldn’t resist, we just had to post one of our faves from today! Stay tuned for the sneak peek.